Royal Films International (RFI) was set-up in 2003 by two freinds Zahid & Hassan, both passionate in making films. They started their journey with the production of the film MATRITO, where both of them were Producers and the film was directed by Zahid. Matrito was nominated for 5 Awards in the 2004 National Film Awards and won Best Actor for the legendary late Humayun Faridi.

Matrito was released at the first Multiscreeen cinema hall, Star Cinema Complex at the Bashundara Shopping Mall. Both Zahid & Hassan being in their early 20's at the time were the youngest registered Film Producers with the Bangladesh Film Producers Association and they still hold that record. 



Since then RFI has been an integral part of the Bangladesh Film Industry. RFI has represented the Bangladesh Film Producers Association; the Bangladesh Directors Association; Bangladesh Film Distribution Association and the Bangladesh Film Artist's Association every year since 2003 on the Executive and Advisory Boards.

RFI in collobaration with many production companies, mainly with Kaybee Pictures (UK) has since produced, co-produced and distributed for cinema, television and OTT platforms for over 50 feature films, 100+ Television drama's, 500+ music videos and 100+ TVC's. RFI has an acute team for the cinema (theatre) release for films in Bangladesh. Most recently Zahid from RFI has opened a 16 screen multiplex cinema in Dhaka.

We make Films and We distribute Films!