Royal Films International is the largest distributer of feature films to cinemas across Bangladesh and West Bengal (India). RFI also distributes to Television channels and OTT Platforms - Please see below for more details:


We have direct agreements with all the cinemas in Bangladesh. There are 104 registered cinemas in the country and we release films with all the cinemas. 

The 104 cinema's are placed in 4 grades, Grade A - 24 Multiplex Cinemas

Grade B - 22 Large Cinema Halls

Grade C - 32 Medium Cinema Halls

Grade D - 26 Small Cinema Halls

Depending on the content, the cast line-up we will distribute films to all the screens. We also provide release to cinemas in West Bengal, with our official film export license. 


All our productions end up with an OTT Platform. They are either with any of the following OTT Platforms:

1. Bongo BD (Available on the App both on IOS and Android)

2. Binge (with Robi) - Only available in Bangladesh territory

3. Chorki (Availablee on the App both IOS and Android)

4. Hoi Choi (Available on the App both IOS and Anriod)

Recently we have signed up with the official agents for Netflix for the Sub-continental region.


We distribute to any of the following private TV Channels in Bangladesh and work closely with their acquisitions team:

1. ATN Bangla

2. Channel I

3. NTV

4. RTV

5. Bangla Vision

6. Desh TV

7. My TV

8. Maasranga TV

9. GTV

10. Deepto TV

11. Bangla TV

12. Nagorik TV

The Lions Cinema has been with Jahid's family since 1928. It is one of the oldest cinemas in the country. Throughout the pandemic this cinema has gone through major construction and refurbishment. In February 2022 the cinema is now open as a multiplex with 14 screens, in Keraniganj, Dhaka.